Finger Lakes Geospatial Explorer

The Finger Lakes Geospatial Explorer (FLGE) enables teachers and students to quickly and easily download political, environmental, and scientific data for use in one of three geospatial tools:
  • ArcMap (provided by GIT Ahead)
  • ArcExplorer Java Edition for Educators (free)
  • Google Earth (free)
The data obtained from the FLGE are projected, symbolized and can be delimited to user-defined geographic regions (e.g., counties, watersheds, etc.).
Symbology will only appear correctly in ArcView 9.2. If you are using ArcView 9.1, you will have to symbolize each file.
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GIT Ahead is Funded by an Advanced Technological Education Grant from the National Science Foundation to the Finger Lakes Institute at Hobart and William Smith Colleges